By definition, TIA is a private Investment group comprising of members from diversed industry group with expereince and proven track record.

The TIA investment model is simple:

Private equity firms buy or invest in other companies that have significant potential for growth. Over time, TIA invests capital, time and effort to improve the company’s performance and increase its overall value.

Eventually, the firm will sell the company – hopefully at a profit – and undertake a new investment.

Strengthening businesses is the cornerstone to the TIA model. By growing companies at home and abroad, TIA's goal is to  provide a vital source of capital investment to the U.S. and global economies.

TransAtlantic Investment Group at Work

TIA believes that  private equity and growth capital industry drives growth, competitiveness and value creation across the U.S. and global economies by investing in companies, buying franchises and improving their performance and positioning them for long-term success.

TIA plans to invest in and acquire companies (referred to as portfolio companies) that have significant potential for growth. They can be public or private undervalued or underperforming businesses.

TIA  invest capital, as well as time, energy, expertise, and talent to improve company performance. They are involved in the management and operations of their portfolio companies, helping to implement investment and growth strategies, operational improvements and innovations, and management and personnel changes that lead to stronger and more competitive companies.

Without the short-term, public pressures of quarterly earnings calls, private equity owners and the managers of their portfolio companies can hone in on the strategies and investment decisions that are required to improve a company’s long-term prospects.

Companies that benefit from TIA's model of operation span all industries and sectors, including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, financial services, hospitality and energy, among others.

Given these strong incentives, how does private equity create value?
By better aligning the interests of our members and by instituting a nimbler operating style that fosters greater innovation and long-term investment, TIA members are leaders in spurring improved productivity and competitiveness, driving growth and creating value.


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